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As a leading enterprise of photon techniques, we regard quality as a prerequisite for the survival and development. Quality control is our first priority. ISO9001 quality management system certification was obtained in Dec.13, 2002. December 22, 2003 to obtain ISO9001: 2000 version of the quality management system certification. And we obtained the Beijing Drug Administration medical device quality system assessment.


Quality System:

Always providing first-class photonic technology products.

Continue to meet customer requirements.

Continue to improve quality management system.


Quality objectives:

"Maintain and continually improve quality management system standards established by GB/T 19001-ISO 9001 and YY/T 0287-ISO 13485. Continue to manufacture photonic technology products to meet customer requirements. Rates of return of PMT, glass products, power supply, detector, PD assembly are less than 1% of the assembly. Rates of return of energy scintillator array is less than 0.7%. Failure rate of photon measurement instrument in shelf life is less than 3%. Operation rate of nuclear medical equipment is 98%. Our long-time objective is manufacturing the first-class products to meet human needs."



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